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(We've added a new page featuring Ron Boone's visit at Carr Creek accompanied by sportswriter and photographer Bob Watkins!)
(...and naturally we are posting photos of the man who made these all possible, Bob Watkins!)

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Cruiser Boone

Ron Ron 'Cruiser' Boone was already gone when the photos I've shared were taken.
He was such a boyishly enchanted Ky. basketball fan, at the very sight of the men in the photos
all together, Ron would have wet his pants with excitement.-Bob Watkins

Cuba Cubs
Bit of a story ...
Once upon a time Ron was so enamored with
the success story of the Cuba Cubs
 (1952) & hero Howard Crittenden, he drove to Graves County and had his photo taken on the site where the Cuba Cubs' gym stood.-Bob Watkins

Carr Creek High
Carr Creek High School-
Opened in 1938. Today,
it's used for Head Start programs.

(Photo by Bob Watkins)
Howard Crittenden
Here's a photo of the site with the man Ron Boone so admired.


Howard Crittenden went on to be an All-American at Murray State where his jersey hangs in the rafters.


Carr Creek Heroes
Four veritable legends in Kentucky basketball lore.
I got them to pose at Wayland, Ky. on an afternoon in 2007. Coleman shuns publicity...Crittenden doesn't.
Maggard is "I'm just glad to be here" good ole boy(his son was a QB at UK in '80s),and Corky Withrow is as
gregarious and charismatic a fellow as he looks.Tongue-in-cheek, he refused to speak to Maggard at first
meeting because of Fred's shot eliminated Withrow's team from the State Tournament in '56.-Bob Watkins

Carr Creek Gym
Carr Creek Basketball Gym (Photo by Bob Watkins)
Carr Creek Gym
Carr Creek Basketball Gym (Photo by Bob Watkins)

Carr Creek Gym
Carr Creek Basketball Gym (above) and Charlie Thurman (right) of Sonora on one of our visits to Carr Creek.-Bob Watkins
Charlie Thurman
Freddie Maggard
This is Freddie Maggard. In the 1956 State Tournament he made a last second shot to keep Carr Creek from losing an early round game...then in the Sweet 16 championship, Freddie made the game winner that gave Carr Creek the State Crown.
Carr Creek Sign
We much appreciate Bob Watkins sharing just a sample of what Ron found enjoyable in life and the special friendship he had with him. We appreciate not only the photos, but the narrative that add so much to this.-MH
Bob Watkins
Bob Watkins 2007 Bob Watkins in the 80's (left) and on the gym floor at
Carr Creek in 2007

(Photos by Bob Watkins)
We would welcome any additional photos from the community of 'the colonel' that you might like to share! For more information or inquiries feel free to contact the webmaster!

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