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Ron Heading

This memorial is filled with memories of  Elizabethtown & Hardin County's most respected newsman...complete with sights and sounds of  the 31 years he served the community, most of which he spent at WIEL. We have  received many clips and photos, but can always use more! If you have anything you would like to share or contribute for this honorary page, contact the webmaster's address at the bottom of the home page.

(We've updated Pt. 2 of the Thanksgiving 2003/Carr Creek Heart of the Matter Broadcast!
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Ron Boone

Ron (1979) Caught Doing His Job...
...well that's nothing new...

Ron Article

...and the News-Enterprise tells us about it.

Ron Boone Leaves

Ron bids farewell...but only for a season.

Ron Doing What He Does Best

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The audio portion as heard at the Ron Boone Exhibit @ the Hardin County History Museum
(written & produced by Max Highbaugh and narrated by Bob Craft)

Ron Boone Anniversary Newscast (4:06) April 3, 1974 Tornado (1:23)
Ron Boone's History of WIEL (3:40) Ron Talks to Dee Huddleston (2:26)
Noon News w/intro by John Holliday (:11) Ron's Carly Ward Profile (4:10)
Ron Talks with Richard Upton (2:35) Ron Does the WIEL Bulletin Board (:58)
Ron-Weather Forecast (:26) Ron with Scott Goettel 11/10/86 (6:59)
Ron WHAS Tornado Report (2:27)
(courtesy of
50th Birthday 5:00 Newscast (1:41)

Ron's Actualities
(as these are actualities, many comments were answers to questions posed off microphone by Ron-some of which are left to speculation)
Wesley Cardin 2/9/02 (:59)
Ron talks with the owner of Flint Hill "Hornet's Nest" Country Store
Kathleen Booker 2/9/02 (1:37)
Ron chats with Kathleen, who accompanied Ron on many visits to "Hornets Nest"
Mike Allen Memorial Cut #1 9/24/02 (1:03)

Mike Allen Memorial Cut #2 9/24/02 (1:24)
Ron reports on a special corner at West Hardin Middle School, where Mike taught
The Kentucky Gents (1:14)
Ron interviews Jim Cales of the Kentucky Gents (Jim, Karl Highbaugh, Lowell Briscoe, Glendon Watson). The group played music for the Bicentennial Pageant
"By Way Of The Valley" in July 1974, part of the buildup to Elizabethtown's Bicentennial celebration. Due to less than ideal conditions at the time, the spoken  portions
of the interview are not of  the best quality, despite attempts to digitally enhance.
(from original WIEL reels)
East Hardin Band returns from Mardi Gras-1974 (2:59)
This montage of actualities are from Ron's Feb. 26, 1974 visit with the East Hardin High School Marching Band in Glendale upon their return from
Mardi Gras. Ron interviews field commander Mary Ann Pawley and other band members, chaperones and boosters.
(any further identification of voices from participants in this event can be made by e-mailing the webmaster-MH)
(from original WIEL reels)
Rocket Launch (1:03)
Ron interviews students from Elizabethtown who have launched an experimental rocket from May 20, 1974.
(from original WIEL reels)
Hodgenville Bank Robbery (1:29)
Ron interviews Gillis Miracle 5/14/74 following a Hodgenville bank robbery
(from original WIEL reels)
Turnpike Revenue Up (1:05)
Don Roach files this 5/13/74 report from Frankfort regarding KY tolls
(from original WIEL reels)
Greenbelt Project (8:21)
Ron interviews Mary Sprague 5/3 & 5/4/74, discussing the Greenbelt Project
(from original WIEL reels)
Coca-Cola Art Show (3:43)
Ron interviews Cissie Hite 5/4/74 on the opening of the Coca-Cola Art Show
(from original WIEL reels)
Walk-A-Thon (1:19)
Preparations and sounds for the 5/11/74 event held in E'town
(from original WIEL reels)
Sonora Bicentennial (1:10)
From 7/12/74 Jack Scott talks about Sonora's Bicentennial events.
(from original WIEL reels)
Snow Problems (1:42)
Ron talks with Bud Lane 2/13/85 regarding snow conditions in Mt. Sterling
(from original WIEL reels)
State Swim Meet Champs (2:04)
Ron's report 2/24/85 with the E'town boys winning the State title in Richmond
(from original WIEL reels)
No Fault Insurance (1:15)
Ron talks with Dee Huddleston on the 'new' Kentucky no fault insurance 5/2/74
(from original WIEL reels)
Hospital Authority Controversy (2:02)
Ron talks with Judge R.R. 'Babe' Thomas on the controversy of HMH authority 7/16/74
(from original WIEL reels)
Big K Opening (1:13)
Introduction by Mayor James R. Pritchard 3/28/74
(from original WIEL reels)
That 'Nuisance' Toll Booth! (1:05)
Bill Swope on the proposed E'town Bypass 3/15/74
(from original WIEL reels)
Mike Allen Tribute (10:18)
Ron's tribute to Mike Allen,  from 3/15 and 3/17/2002, includes his news report, a personal message for Mike's son Shea, Mike himself  reading
"September Skies", a poem he wrote for the 9-11 tragedy and finally Ron reading the Mike Allen penned "Tell Them You Love Them Today" at Mike's funeral.

(from original WIEL tapes)
Lion & Lamb sleeve

Lion &
                Lamb 45
By Way Of The Valley (7:52)

Although unknown how Ron's original newscast unfolded, this is a montage of the interviews and actualities pulled from Ron's tapes for the Bicentennial Pageant held in Elizabethtown , "By Way Of The Valley" in July 1974, part of the buildup to Elizabethtown's Bicentennial celebration. Included are interviews with the Kentucky Gents from
above, Charles Logsdon & others who were involved, as well as snippets from the pageant itself . For the climax, we have included Kentucky's Official Bicentennial Song,
"(Lion & Lamb) Uncle Sam God Bless Your Soul" dubbed from the exact WIEL copy shown above!.
(from original WIEL reels)

Ron Boone's
Heart of The Matter

(dubbed from reel and produced by Ron Boone & WIEL Information Radio)

When Cuba Conquered Kentucky Pt 1 (15:19)
Interview conducted at Beaver Dam & aired 6/13/99
Live From Rosine Pt 1 (15:20)
Mother's Day 2003 Pt 1 (14:21)
Thanksgiving 2003/Carr Creek '01 Part 1 (15:22)
Thanksgiving portion from 11/30/03
When Cuba Conquered Kentucky Pt 1A (14:28)
Interview conducted at Beaver Dam & aired 6/13/99
Live From Rosine Pt 2 (14:54)
Mother's Day 2003 Pt 2 (16:28)
Thanksgiving 2003/Carr Creek '01 Part 2 (16:14)
Part 1 of  Carr Creek interview from 6/10/01
Carl Brashear "Men of Honor" Part 1 (15:03)
Ron & Brian Walker interview Sonora native and Navy diver Carl Brashear 12/17/2000
(courtesy of Brian Walker)
Carl Brashear "Men of Honor" Part 2 (14:56)
Ron & Brian Walker interview Sonora native and Navy diver Carl Brashear 12/17/2000
(courtesy of Brian Walker)
Taxes & Economic Development Part 1(15:01)
Ron interviews Pat Brummer of the IRS & Rick Games of the Elizabethtown-Hardin
County Industrial Foundation 1/30/2004-(Final edition of Heart of the Matter)

(courtesy of Rick Games)
Taxes & Economic Devcelopment Part 2 (15:30)
Ron interviews Rick Games of the Elizabethtown-Hardin County Industrial Foundation
1/30/2004-(Final edition of Heart of the Matter)

(courtesy of Rick Games)
Hardin County History Museum Pt 1 (14:12)
Ron interviews Mary Jo Jones on the opening of the Museum
Hardin County History Museum Pt 2 (13:32)
Ron interviews Mary Jo Jones on the opening of the Museum

Judy Boone on Ron's accomplishments

The radio life can be particularly hard on the spouse. Ron's wife was no exception. When your career is as demanding as that of radio, one's spouse can find her/himself spending alot of time alone. Not only was Ron an exceptional newsman, but Judy was that rare radio wife who exhibited extreme patience while Ron was away, sometimes out of town. Supporting him in every facet of his profession was what allowed him to grow into one of the most respected professionals in his field. Hear a brief conversation as she shares with GM Roth Stratton and  reflects on Ron's life, relays some of his feelings and looks back on his induction into the Hall of Fame.

Judy Boone (1:13)

Ron loved looking back fondly and you can listen to interviews with former General Manager Dee Huddleston for his thoughts on sports director Dick Curtis and the late Bill Earle in When the Boss Talks About You, found by going


We've set aside a place on this site for personal tributes by those who loved him, including family, friends & former colleagues, all of which appear below in a special section called...

I Remember Ron...

Deanna Pozesny writes:

    "It was fun to watch Ron bolt through the front door, slide into his chair and hit that mike cold, right on cue with his first story. He was the most principled, responsible, articulate and dedicated newsperson that I have ever worked with. He was totally dedicated to his craft and his family. I doubt that there were any persons of note in Hardin County who didn't know Ron personally, or at least know of him. I feel privileged to share my memories of working with Ron Boone.

    Because the coffee in the kitchen was often terrible,I kept my own jar of instant in my desk. That was my little secret...or so I thought. I usually just drank a cup in the morning while getting organized for the day. Gradually I noticed that SOMEBODY was stealing my coffee!! Nobody confessed. The morning before we all went home to enjoy Christmas with our families, I found a HUGE jar of coffee on my desk, tied with a big red ribbon and a card which read:

 A simple gift from one who appreciates the simple qualities of dedication, perseverance and loyalty.                                                                                                       Ron
    He was the LAST one in the building I would have thought to be the coffee thief, and we both enjoyed a big laugh over it. Then there was the time that Ron and I gave a stray dog a bath in the deep old kitchen sink and got in a lot of trouble! More insight into Ron's compassionate nature involves my accepting an offer from  another station. My background had been in copywriting, traffic, public service and sales secretary in television. I love working with the public, but lack the aggressiveness required to be successful in either sales or news...but there I was,  with the overnight title of News Director!  To make matters even more intimidating, their News Director had quit, leaving a bare office with no contacts or instructions. I had no help from any source and felt like a fish in the middle of the Mohave Desert. From listening to Ron's newscasts I was aware of several "must attend" meetings. 

    At my first meeting, Ron motioned me over to sit with him. He gave me a complete list of meetings, explained who was who, and invited me to sit with him at various meetings so I could learn the news trade. He bolstered me up and gave me strength to face another day in the rival station's newsroom. I gained more confidence in assembling the news, while remaining fully aware that my delivery was timid and flat. Assessing the total situation as unrewarding, depressing and futile, I resigned after 6 months. Had it not been for Ron, I would have thrown in the towel after 2 weeks. He was just that kind of good person and friend.  

    When I returned to WIEL several years later to work for Charlie Harper, Ron was with another local station. Charlie had me go through all of the past station records and files, put them in order and dispense with the past. During that time, we had several newsmen come and go. While clearing the newsroom of various notes and debris left behind, I found numerous reel-to-reel tapes that HAD to belong to Ron Boone, the ambitious "Rock" of Hardin County. I put them all in a box, took them home and called Ron. He said "Please hang on to them for me. I'll pick them up". I put them away and forgot about them until one day Ron called to ask if I had his April 3rd tornado tape because "that" day was approaching. He had few of them labeled, so I couldn't identify what he needed and took the whole box down to the station. He was like a kid at Christmas, going through his old tapes. He was able to identify every story, after several years, just by looking at the unlabeled reels. After he passed, I thought about that and hoped that someone had given those precious souvenirs to his wife, Judy.

    And finally...leafing through my radio scrapbooks, I came across the program from "By Way of the Valley", a play celebrating our 1976 Bicentennial, in which Ron played P.T. Barnum. In my program he wrote:

Deanna, I'm glad you and Lisa (my daughter) could see the show. I've seen many people come and go at WIEL and I can count the real "Pros" on one hand - you're one! 

    I could say that right back to Ron. He was a true gentleman, a real "Pro" and a great loss to the people of Hardin County who depended on him for their news, as well as those who had the privilege of working with him. He's no doubt up there somewhere, reporting on the conferences and picnics of the Angels. 

Deanna Pozesny
Bob Craft writes:

“I miss Ron alot.... they should have inducted him in a lot earlier than this. Ron and I did the morning show on WIEL from 1975 thru 1983 and I always felt that I was (and I wanted to be) just a traffic cop in between the spots and music. On the topic of information…(Ron) kept it all going smoothly. And THEN the reason everyone listened in Hardin County was for Ron Boone & Dick Curtis. Ron’s news, weather and community events were all very unique...he really, really cared about everyone who listened and that is so RARE today. I learned alot from him and I miss him a lot…TERRIBLY!!

Bob Craft (4:31)
Bob shares his thoughts on Ron 9/23/07
Kelly Boone Gray writes: 

"I want to thank you so much for what you are doing with Dad’s page and the memories you are allowing me to share with you.  I miss him tremendously and I had a really good cry hearing his voice again when Mom forwarded me your website. I am visiting it often now to enjoy your updates. I was thinking about the memories I have of the station...that is where I first remember Dad working. I used to go down to the station with him and when I was seemed so big and daunting with all of the equipment. I remember he put me on the radio a few times when I was little and I’m sure he kept a copy of that. All throughout my young life I remember having WIEL always playing on the radio that sat in the window and so the jingles on your website take me back. I also vividly remember Dad making calls from the house for stories and clearing his voice and putting on his deep “radio voice”. As I got older I helped him on election days going to the precincts to get the results. He loved radio so much, I am just so glad that he got to do what he loved right up until the day he died!!  

Again I want to thank you as I’m sure these pages mean a lot to many people reading them but could never mean more than it does to me and my family."


Chuck Spataro writes:

"Here are a few words about one silly morning listening to Ron on the radio:

It is easy to talk about Ron...he was sooo full of life. For example, this (one) morning rising over WIEL station was a big red rubber ball of a summer morning sun. I recall Ron Boone talking about such a red morning sun ball on the radio as he gave the morning weather report, so I called him. A neat thing about Ron was knowing he would be at the station (he always was) when you called.  I asked if Ron knew about the rock n roll song Red Rubber Ball (written by Paul Simon?) and Ron knew the song but couldn’t remember the group’s name than sang it. And I said it was a British rock group called The Cyrkle (pronounced like circle) and he thought I said, the Circus. I said ,'no ,The Cyrkle'. And he again said, 'The Circus?' And I said, 'Ron, not a place with lions and tigers and a ring.' And he said, 'okay, like a circus ring' was a funny moment of non-sense.

      Now that song reminds me of Ron. Just because it made us laugh at the start of another busy work day. I was listening to him give the weather report and called to say, 'hi'. And we laughed about Red Rubber Ball. Then Ron asked me two or three “newsy “questions about my work at the college and a book talk I was giving later that week.

So, even today Ron is on our minds...Chuck"
Kathleen Booker by telephone:

On June 7, 2007 we had the pleasure of talking with Kathleen Booker, 85, of Cecilia, who has written the White Mills News for the Elizabethtown News and News-Enterprise for close to 40 years. Like many others, she had a special bond with Ron Boone, and she shares it with us in the interview below.

Kathleen Booker
(photo from the News-Enterprise)

Kathleen Booker Pt.1 (7:56) Kathleen Booker Pt. 2 (5:11)

...and in print:

KathleenNote Kathleen Note

Gerald Lush writes:

Gerald Lush column
March 3, 2005 tribute from Ron's close friend, Hardin County Independent Publisher Gerald Lush
(submitted by Roth Stratton)


E.J. Clark shares his thoughts of Ron 10/4/07. These, along with those of Bob Craft, Chuck Spataro, Deanna Pozesny, Judy Boone and Kathleen Booker will be a part of a special presentation of Heart of the Matter,"A Tribute to Ron Boone Part 2", airing October 7, 2007.
E.J. Clark on Ron Boone (2:34)

In September and October of 2007, WIEL aired a repeat broadcast of 'A Tribute to Ron Boone' (originally in 2004) and the debut presentation of 'A Tribute to Ron Boone Part 2', both of which are divided to save upload time.
Ron Boone Tribute Pt 1A (15:02)
Ron Boone Tribute Pt 1B (14:36)
Ron Boone Tribute Pt 2A (15:08)
Ron Boone Tribute Pt 2B (13:56)
Scott Goettel shares his thoughts of Ron on 02/16/08. Scott worked with Ron in the mornings in the 80's, where the two were a morning hit with morning risers and commuters.

Scott Goettel on Ron Boone (:57)


Ron Business Card

Calling cards for Ron

                        Oldies Business Card
(staff photo)

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