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(We've adjusted the audio on Jay Dyer's aircheck below)

Bob Craft

Interview with Bob Craft (5:28)

Jay Dyer

Oldies 1400 era (1:06)

Scott Goettel

If you listen to the 5 part aircheck below, you'll hear how airchecks were 'spliced' together on a reel to reel, with the sudden stops and starts. Yes, Adobe Audition and other audio editors just take the 'fun' out of production!

4/86 w/ Ron Boone newscast (5:43)
11/10/86  Morning Part 1 (7:37)
11/10/86 Morning Part 2 (8:59)
11/10/86 Morning Part 3 (7:26)
11/10/86 Morning Part 4 (5:18)
11/10/86 Morning Part 5 (4:23)

Russ Hamnett

Russ Weather 6/6/01 (:30)
Rock and Roll weather 6/6/01 (:30)
Genesis-The Last Chapter (3:37)
Those who knew Russ personally knew of his sense of humor. He ran across this piece written by a high school student (date unknown) and decided to have some fun with it...a fictional look at Creation, with Man the 'maker'.

Michael Marvin/Harry Harrison

Harry Harrison 3/22/80 (5:40)

Bennie Ketron

This enjoyable aircheck showcases Bennie's personable side as he relates to listeners and those he works with. There is a hum over the last 30 seconds or so that we decided to leave in, so as to preserve the dialogue.

Bennie Ketron 1992 (3:16)

Rip Rinehart/Michael O'Malley

Muchas Gracias to Rip Rinehart for sharing with us this aircheck from 1975 via Facebook! Rip also shares a couple of jingles which appear on the Jingles page!

Michael O'Malley (4:33)

Paul Urbahns

A 2 part Sunday afternoon aircheck which features some early 70's commercial classics from closed businesses, such as Ken Dutschke Buick selling a 1970 Opel for only $1195, Trend Homes, Convenient Food Mart, Tinsley Oldsmobile-Cadillac and the Voice of Kentucky Cawood Ledford.

Feb 1973 (9:32) Feb 1973 Pt. 2 (3:38)
Music requested by Audrey Robbins, and a call from the "Great Begonia". Listen for the scratch on the worn out Four Seasons record-it all adds up to an interesting slice from the past!- Paul

Weekend News Update 1:49
The duty of many weekend warriors!

Mike Harmon comments:
"That's what kept coming in my mind...Paul liked playing those love songs."

Brian Walker

Here is a noontime weather forecast from the September 28, 2000 broadcast of our 50th Birthday!

Brian 50th Birthday Forecast (:30)

RetroChad's E'town drive through

"These were recorded when I moved from Ohio to Texas in 1999 and traveled through Elizabethtown.

There is the legal ID plus two jingles."
Chad is an former DJ turned over the road truck driver who must listen to alot of radio (versus tapes!) as he rolls across the country. Records broadcasts as he crosses the lower 48. Thanks, Chad, for including us in your road journal!