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(Thanks to Steve Dennis for sharing with us the specially prepared Christmas reel box provided for him for WIEL Christmas production,
as well as employee comments about the Christmas Jingle #1!!)

WIEL PAMS Series 42, 43, & 44 Jingle Package

Thank you to John Quincy from 79waky.com , 1080wklo.com & LKYRadio.com for sharing this classic 70's jingle package.

Jingle #1
Jingle #9 Jingle #17
Jingle #2 Jingle #10 Jingle #18
Jingle #3 Jingle #11 Jingle #19
Jingle #4 Jingle #12 Jingle #20
Jingle #5 Jingle #13 Jingle #21
Jingle #6 Jingle #14 Jingle #22
Jingle #7 Jingle #15 Jingle #23
Jingle #8 Jingle #16 Jingle #24
Jingle #25
Jingle #26
(Above 2 jingles courtesy of Paul Urbahns)

We've pulled some old reels of PAMS jingles from the storage closet in the 406 S. Mulberry building.  They appear below. Cuts #27 & #28 are from a reel marked 3/75.

PAMS Jingle #28 (:05)
PAMS Jingle #29 (:06) PAMS Jingle #30 (:05)

WIEL JAM Jingles from the late 70's
Muchas Gracias again to John Quincy for yet another classic 70's jingle package!

JAM Jingle #1(:05)
JAM Jingle #2 (:06)
JAM Jingle #3 (:05)
JAM Jingle #4 (:05) JAM Jingle #5 (:03) JAM Jingle #6 (:03)
JAM Jingle #7 (:18) JAM Jingle #8 (:04) JAM Jingle #21 (:06)
JAM Jingle #22 (:07)
JAM Jingle #23 (:05)
JAM Jingle #24 (:02)
JAM Jingle #25 (:05) JAM Jingle #26 (:03) JAM Jingle #27 (:20)
JAM Jingle #28 (:09) JAM Jingle #29 (:04) JAM Jingle #30 (:08)
JAM Jingle #31 (:13) JAM Jingle #32 (:17) JAM Jingle #33 (:06)
JAM Jingle #34 (:13) JAM Jingle #35 (:05) JAM Jingle #36 (:04)
JAM Jingle #37 (:06) JAM Jingle #38 (:05) JAM Jingle #39 (:05)
JAM Jingle #40 (:07) JAM Jingle #41 (:12) JAM Jingle #42 (:12)
JAM Jingle #43 (:07) JAM Jingle #44 (:12) JAM Jingle #45 (:12)
JAM Jingle #46 (:04) JAM Jingle #47 (:06) JAM Jingle #48 (:06)
JAM Jingle #49 (:03) JAM Jingles #50 (:07)

For more information on JAM jingles, go to the
JAM Website.

WIEL PAMS Jingles from June 1975
(Found again in a previously closed up closet!)

PAMS Jingle 6-75 # 1 (:09)
PAMS Jingle 6-75 #2 (:09)
PAMS Jingle 6-75 #3 (:04)
PAMS Jingle 6-75 #4 (:04)
PAMS Jingle 6-75 #5 (:06)
PAMS JIngle 6-75 #6 (:03)
PAMS Jingle #7 (:05)

For more information on PAMS jingles, go to the PAMS Website.

Most reels were accompanied by a cue sheet with full descriptions, as shown here:


Oldies1400 Liner #1 (:05)
Oldies1400 Liner #2 (:08)
Oldies1400 Liner#3 (:05)
Oldies1400 Liner #4 (:11)
Oldies1400 Liner #5 (:08)
Oldies 1400 Liner #6 (:07)
Oldies1400 Tag #1 (:06) Oldies1400 Tag #2 (:06)
Jones WIEL Top of Hour (:06) Pure Gold 1400 Top of Hour (:06)
Jim Zippo Liner (:07)
Pure Gold Liner (:06)
Rip Rinehart Gold 1975 (:08)
Rip Rinehart Gold 1975 (:11)
Robert E. Lee 1974 (:51)
(Plug for the his Memory Modules!)
(thanks to Rip Rinehart!)
Format Change 1998 (:31)
(Switch to Oldies 1400 9/14/98!)
(thanks to Paul Urbahns!)

Pure Gold liners
Liners from March 1989-the Pure Gold era!

Russ Martin #1 (:06)
Russ Martin #2 (:05)
John Michaels (:06)
Jerry Thomas (:05) (w/AM effect)
Jerry Thomas (:06) (w/AM effect)

Jim Zippo (:05)
Mike Preston (:06)
Stan Robak (:06)
Stan "The Man" Robak (:05)

*Merry Christmas Jingles!*

WIEL Christmas Jingle 1 (:31)
WIEL Christmas Jingle 2 (:10)
WIEL Christmas Jingle 3 (:08)
WIEL Christmas Jingle 4 (:09)
WIEL Christmas Jingle 5 (:07)
WIEL Christmas Jingle 7 (:11)
WIEL Christmas Jingle 8 (:09)
WIEL Christmas Jingle 9 (:09)
WIEL Christmas Jingle 10 (:09)
WIEL Christmas Jingle 11 (:09) WIEL Christmas Jingle/Bed (:32)
For more information on JAM jingles, go to the JAM Website.

Staff comments on Christmas Jingle 1:

Deanna Pozesny writes:

"That has to be my very favorite of all WIEL Christmas jingles! I'm keeping it!!!  I had to listen to it several times over and it brought back so many wonderful memories of my first and best years at WIEL. We were such a close knit group, so enthusiastic about every facet of radio...with so much pride of creating the best spots, promos and programming in Elizabethtown and Hardin County... and that dedication has carried many of us far beyond those boundaries. That was also the Bi-Centennial era and we celebrated it with gusto, even planting our own WIEL time capsule, to be opened in the year 2076?  Christmas time was as fun and exciting as it was exhausting. Somehow we all got through the heavy advertising load without missing a beat. And that required extra effort from EJ and Bob, aka Santa and Sparky, because they had the additional challenge of hosting the Santa and Sparky Show - an hour long dally broadcast for kids of all ages, which often had everyone rocking with laughter as naughty elf Sparky, along with other visiting station elves, gave Santa a hard time while he tried to tell lovely Christmas stories and take special orders from area kids. I was so PROUD of our production staff!  Bob, EJ and Steve each had his own special skills and delivery, and whenever possible, I tried really hard to match our spots to their talents. 

Thank you Max, for once again connecting the WIEL family and for giving us this opportunity to share some wonderful memories! 

Thank you Steve for your sweet memories of me and for keeping that tape box! I wonder if you remember giving me your little E.T. who sat on your mike stand, and your "Steve Dennis Oldies" sign when you left.  I still have them, along with all of the letters and cards you sent me after you left the station to go to California. I have memories of you dancing around the control room singing, and still have a cassette of you singing "Act Naturally" and another one of your final hour on WIEL. There was nothing "cowardly" about this lion! You bravely carried through and did what needed to be done - very often staying late to record the last spots turned in and written that had to be on the air in the morning.  You got me through some tight spots!

Thank you E.J. my "tin man", for the thoughtful greeting you sent and your support through some tough times.  I remember your hearty laugh and you in your cowboy hat on Saturday mornings when some of us had to work. I remember the little "name that tune" game we played with your oldies stack. Remember when we all went to see "Close Encounters" and all the UFO stuff? By the way, I don't have your WKMO contest box anymore, but I cut out the "WKMO Country" fabric from it, and it's alive and well in one of my WIEL/WKMO scrapbooks. You were determined to make me like country music - and now I do.  

Thank you Bob, my "scarecrow" and dear friend, for being the fastest production man in history! I can still see you walking down the hall with a stack of 20 carts, all done to perfection in about an hour. When Bob was in production, everybody had better get out of his way! Thank you for keeping me in music, playlists, and detailed reports on every facet of building the WKMO side while I was in Colorado. It was you who inspired me to come back to the station and you have remained my friend through all these years. 

Thank you Daryl, for being the brother I never had.

We will miss Ron Boone and Dick Curtis in our Christmas wishes this year, but something tells me that they both know how much they were admired and appreciated.  

Forgive me for taking up so much space here, but I get all teary-eyed in the jingle and the memories. Merry Christmas to all! 
May God bless each one of our WIEL/WKMO family with fond memories, good health and  happiness this Christmas - and may we all meet here again next Christmas to count our blessings.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Peace and Love,

EJ Clark  writes:

Thank You So Very Much!Many of us played that very jingle during our shows at Christmas on WIEL. It was part of the Jams package from Dallas. That was "top shelf" production "back in the day" and it still sounds Great in 2010! WIEL always had a quality jingle package and I for one used to love to talk over some of the music beds on some of em'. By the way...you can credit Bill Walters for buying that package, which I think, was new in 1976 or so?
Thanks for the Memory!  Merry Christmas ...to One and All ...from "Santa & Sparky"!!!

Steve Dennis  writes:

Thank you so much for sharing another "jewel" from the WIEL vault! Like E.J. Clark, I had the pleasure too of playing this jingle on the air around the Holidays in the mid-70s.  I agree with E.J. - the production values on this and all the jingle packages (including the WLS "Music Radio" package) we had were top of the line.  And quite a luxury at the time!  Anyway, the sound of this jingle has brought forth so many happy memories for me...  E.J. Clark and Bob Craft as Santa & Sparky (the kids  and moms & dads LOVED that show!).  Bob Craft put his heart and soul into programming WIEL - especially at Christmastime - gathering all the "Christmas Classics" for us to play.  

I remember, too,  one Christmas (probably 1976) when Deanna Pozesny, our Copywriter/Continuity Director presented Bob, E.J. and me ( the 3 of us shared the WIEL Production load ) with a specially wrapped box for our Christmas Productions.  This festive box contained a fresh reel of recording tape ( Deanna knew we would need it to handle the extra "holiday" load of commercials ) and our names were lovingly written in gold on the top of the box.  This little box was a treasure, Deanna - and I still have it today.  As you can see from the the 2 photos, it got a LOT of use!  Thanks Deanna for making Christmas so special that year.  That box you created for us was a little thing - but it was crafted with great love and it meant so much to me.  It is a true treasure!

I was so lucky to work with such a great group of professionals - I learned and grew so much just being around you guys!  Bottom line - we got the job done AND had a LOT of fun! It was a joy working with such caring, friendly people - WIEL is a station with a heart... a BIG heart!

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas Season and a Happy Healthy New Year!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Peace & Love,                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Steve Dennis Wilmes

Eric Harlan  writes:

OMG!  It's been 25 years since I last played that jingle, and I still remember the point in the sung WIEL when you would flip the switch on the board to start the next Christmas song in the rotation, making sure you didn't crash into the end of the jingle nor have any dead airTHANKS FOR THE MEMORY!

                                                                                                                                                                                                       Eric Harlan,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          The Original Weekend Warrior      

Steve Dennis
                Christmas production box
Steve Dennis Christmas production box

Oldies1400 Online & 14WIEL Online Liners

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