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Welcome to WAKYOnline's home page! Like our dancers? Yeah, the guy doesn't still doesn't have it all together! Anyway, September 8, 2008 we celebrated our third birthday, and we've experienced alot of growing pains in our three years (including being offline for months at at time!). But getting to meet the WAKY and WKLO greats and establishing friendships with them is what has made this all a rewarding experience. And many of them have provided liners and services immeasurable. They, along with the mentorship of John Quincy have really made this all possible. And it goes without saying kudos go to the WAKYOnline support crew who have helped with the professionalism of the sound and production (now if we can just eliminate ALL the dead-air!). What you'll find on this page will be not only programming links and photos, but this site serves as a one-stop for WAKYOnline info.
Just to provide an update, we regret that WAKYOnline is offline for the undetermined future, due to reasons beyond our control. Along the way, due to financial reasons, our Live365 account went into limbo, during which time (and for a totally bizarre reason) a site for 'Teacup Yorkies' bought the domain '', so that may explain why some of you may be running across that. When we are able to go back online, we will still be WAKYOnline, but more than likely we will be found at '', or '', or some other URL. We certainly hope this occurs in 2010, but in the meantime continue to visit and for all your memories of Kentuckiana radio!!!


A big thanks goes to John Quincy, Cat Michaels, former CBC E'town GM John Wright, Brian Walker, Kerry Smith, Daniel Yount (Derrek Daniels) and Mike Wolfe of "The Slam-Zone". And of course, recreating the magic has been Johnny Randolph, Jason O'Brien, Dude Walker, Gary Burbank, Coyote Calhoun, Tim Tyler, Mike Griffin, Ben Pflederer (Rudy Ratfink), Mason Lee Dixon, Steven Lee Cook, Bob Moody, and last but certainly not least, our own Duke of Louisville, Bill Bailey.

The Chimps have invaded WAKYOnline!

Lance Link

Listen for hits from Lancelot Link & The Evolution Revolution!!

Long John Silvers
Once a Louisville delicacy, LJS spread throughout the state.

Mario's Pizza
Mario's Pizza-once a popular WAKY eatery!


Not only can you relive your WAKY memories at as well as this site, but you can take a look back at the face of since its inception in January 2005 by going here!


        Frisch's Gift Card
          Frisch's Big Boy
        ...still popular in Big Lou !

Ollie's Trolley
Ollie's Trolley, once abundant in the Derby City.
Only one remains at 3rd & Kentucky.

3rd & Kentucky Line
"Ollie's Last Stand"
Photo taken day of interview for the Jeffersontown Sun Feb. 2007
(read the interview by clicking the link above!)

  We're glad to be back, albeit on a smaller scale for the time being, thanks to actions by the Copyright Royalties Board. We stayed away as long as we could stand it. Operating two stations can be costly, but we felt our loyal listeners had done without long enough. Back are the jingles, the music, the liners and  very soon the airchecks will be back. As for our homepage, you can still feel free to grab a hard hat and tour the page from time to time! We can't guarantee everything will work right off the bat, but with a measure of patience, we'll all watch this phase of WAKYOnline grow as the station has, into one of the fastest growing stations on the internet...

...and for that, we thank you!

Max Highbaugh

Max Highbaugh-PD/MD/Webmaster

WAKYOnline 'Scavenger Hunt' photos!

Kentucky Home Life Building 4th Street Location

From Fun Lovin' Wacky at 5th & Jefferson to the Super 79 on the River City Mall!

Tower Array
The Tower Array that was once WAKY 790 (sniff!)
(courtesy of Scott Fybush/


WAKYOnline Studios
WAKYOnline studios in 2005.

WAKYOnline  Studio
WAKYOnline/14WIEL Online studios in 2007.

Three Dog Night

Three Dog Night @ the KFEC

Bobby Sherman

WAKY brings teen idol Bobby Sherman to
the River City

Blood, Sweat &  Tears
Blood, Sweat  Tears @ Freedom Hall

Disco Ball

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American Graffiti Website

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Press Clippings!!


Click above for WAKYOnline in the Jeffersontown Sun & Prospect News!

WAKYOnline Ad

WAKYOnline makes Prospect News front page!


Photos from the 2006 WAKY-WKLO reunion!!!

Front Row (L-R) Mason Lee Dixon, Gary Burbank, Len King, Marty Bass; Back Row (L-R) Karl Shannon, Joe Fletcher, Jason O'Brian, Johnny Randolph, Dude Walker, Gary King, Steven Lee Cook


T-shirt table
2006 WAKY-WKLO Reunion

Bill Bailey
Bill Bailey & Bob Todd
Coyote Calhoun
Dude Walker & Coyote Calhoun

Dude Walker
Dude Walker

Tim Tyler
Tim Tyler
Mike Griffin
Mike Griffin
Mason Lee
Mason Lee Dixon

Jason O'brien
Jason O'brien

John Quincy
John Quincy-honorary WAKY & WKLO personality

Johnny Randolph
Johnny Randolph
Jay O'brien
Jason O'brien

Ben Pflederer
Ben Pflederer (Rudy Ratfink)

Steve Cook
Gary Burbank, Marty Bass, Steven Lee Cook

Johnny Randolph
Johnny Randolph

On the road!!!

WAKYOnlinemobile Door
Serving Kentuckiana...and beyond!

Daniel Yount at 790 WKRD
WAKYOnline and 14WIEL Online's Daniel "Cheddar" Yount in the 790 studios today of WKRD
WAKYOnline is a private entity and is not associated with WAKY 103.5 FM

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