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(We've added a great shot of E.J. Clark in action, courtesy of Judy Boone!!)

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Station Logos

Old Location

Front Door
             Station Transmitter
The vacated studios at 406 S. Mulberry in April 2007 (with WIEL staffer Max Highbaugh)
The tower & transmitter are still in use.
Overcast skies can fool's still bright!!
(photos courtesy of Paul Urbahns)

Storm Painting

Painting of WIEL in a storm, by 'Elizabeth'
(photo taken by Paul Urbahns in his first visit to the Helmwood Plaza studios)
One of a handful of paintings that hung at the original studios for years and were relocated to the present facilities.

Sweet Soul Music
"Ladies and Gentlemen. . . Your Modern Volunteer Army, proudly presents 'The Power Of Soul' with Brother Swig. . . 'The Power of Soul' is on the air!" Brother Swig was Specialist Six Clarence Swiggings, a former disc jockey for American Forces Vietnam Network. Brother Malone was really Private First Class David Malone of the radio section of the Ft Knox Information Office, a former newsman and disc jockey for KBOX (Dallas) and KNUZ (Houston). During the Early 70s (confirmed Nov 1971) their 30 min recorded 'Power Of Soul" program aired on WIEL, as well as WSAC-AM and WLOU. The program featured well picked soul songs from James Brown and Marvin Gaye to the current area favorite hot-buttered soul man Issac Hayes.
(photo & narrative courtesy of Paul Urbahns)

Ron & Judy Boone
Ron & Judy Boone at the Hardin County Booth, 2001 KY State Fair
(photo courtesy of Paul Urbahns)

WIEL Jaycees
WIEL Award on Jaycee Radio Day
(staff photo)

Award  from the SBC Radio & Television Commission 1965
(staff photo)
WIEL 10 Year Award
WIEL's 10 Year Recognition from KHSAA
(staff photo-pardon the reflection)

New Studios
WIEL & sister stations at the Helmwood Plaza Studio 2007
(staff photo)
Sacred Heart
 10 Years Continuous Broadcast of the Sacred Heart Program 1977-1987
(staff photo)

1950 Newspaper
A copy of the September 29, 1950 issue of the Elizabethtown News hangs in the Ron Boone Conference Room
(staff photo)
Ron and Ralph
Some familiar faces indeed-in the left photo, Ron appears alongside Ken Kurtz, future fellow inductee 2007 Kentucky Journalism Hall of Fame. In the right photo, we see former 'boss', GM Charlie Harper, former sports colleague Ralph Gabbard and future UK sports broadcaster  Ralph Hacker.
(from Ron's scrapbook)

Burial of Time Capsule at Hertitage House. See if you can spot Bob Craft...he's the one with the mike!
(from Ron's scrapbook)
TG&Y Advertisement
This might not have a thing to do with the station, but it was on the back of a clip and we thought it pretty cool...a vintage advertisement from TG&Y (remember them?). Check out the styles and prices!

E.J. Clark
E.J. Clark manning the 'con!
(courtesy of Judy Boone!
Time Capsule

Close-up of the capsule's marker

1400 WIEL Flowsheet

WIEL 'flowsheet'.
(courtesy of Cale Tharp)

Oldies1400 t-shirt
The last t-shirt of the Oldies years
(staff photo)

T-shirt closeup
T-shirt closeup!
(staff photo)

September 22, 2006 we experienced massive flooding, with some parts of the building under 4 feet of water. The lower half of the building housed WKMO, WTHX, & WRZI's studios, in addition to several offices. There was countless water damage to not only important files and office furniture, but to station equipment and computers as well, forcing the above 3 stations off the air, and our landlords did not take any responsibility for any of the cleanup or repairs. For a few days, WKMO was simulcast on all 5 stations (including WIEL & WXAM). We had been contemplating a move from the aging building in favor of a more modern facility for some time...the photos below paint the picture of the proverbial last straw...

WKMO lobby
WKMO lobby under water September 2006

"Water, water everywhere..."

Lower Portion
That's it! We've had it!
(flood photos courtesy of John Wright)

On July 7, 2007 Paul Urbahns, Bennie Ketron & Mike Harmon visited the studios at 406 South Mulberry one last time. Portions of the building are scheduled to be leased and the guys wanted one last walk through.
(if any other former employees would like this opportunity, contact Max Highbaugh)

Bennie & Pauo
Bennie Ketron (L) and Paul Urbahns (R)
(staff photo)

Bennie Ketron
Welcome, Bennie, to the future of!
(staff photo)

Mike Harmon
Mike Harmon July 2007
(photo courtesy of Paul Urbahns)

Pau Urbahns
Paul Urbahns July 2007
(staff photo)

Mike and Paul
(photo courtesy of Paul Urbahns)
Paul and Mike
(staff photo )
Mike Harmon and Paul Urbahns, with plates custom designed by Glenn Nichols