Project 1400

Team Work

Max Highbaugh*
(Page Last Updated 5/29/2021)

(Welcome to new member Tom Dobrez!)

The individuals listed below have contributed, either directly or indirectly, to the operational possibilities and content of the WIEL Information Radio and/or 14WIEL Online sites, or have played a role in our History Museum Exhibit, and therefore are being 'enshrined' in our hall of fame and made members of Project 1400. Charter members are noted by an asterisk.

Harry Anchan Jim Barcus
Ross Becker 
Judy Boone* Ron Boone
Kathleen Booker E.J. Clark
Bob Craft* Webster Cundiff
Jim DeNeen Steve Dennis
Dan Diaz Tom Dobrez
Marty Fulkerson Hunter Goatley*
Scott Goettel Kelly Boone Gray
Jay & Lisa Greene Eric Harlan
Janice Highbaugh Karl Highbaugh
Max Highbaugh*
Daryl Hodges
Dee Huddleston Mark Isham
Bennie Ketron* Kyle Key
John Lay Hans Marsen
Michael Marvin* Joe Nepi
  Glenn Nichols Michael O'Malley
Gary Pfeiffer* Deanna Pozesny*
John Quincy* Bruce Reeves
Dave Riddle Bob Shannon
Elvin Smith, Jr. Chuck Spataro
Belinda Stark Mark Stahr
Roth Stratton Mark Strauss
Cale Tharp* Greg Thompson
Mark Travis Paul Urbahns*
Brian Walker Bob Watkins
Ken Wortham John Wright
Daniel Yount Jim Zippo