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Page Created  May 15, 2021

 Travelin' the Blugrass 8:00 am (Alan Watts)
 The Rest of the Story
8:03 am (Paul Harvey)

 Rock & Roll LIVEtime!
7:00 pm (Mark Travis)

 The Lutheran Hour
8:00 am
 The Baptist Bible Hour 9:00 am
  In Touch w/Charles Stanley 10:00 am
 Tunnel Hill Baptist Church (Josh Looten) 11:00 am
 The Way We Were 7:00 pm

Daily Features
Across Kentucky (M/W/F @ noon)
Memories of Your Lifetime
(Jim Zippo)
From Off the Beaten Path (Cale Tharp)
1400 Flashbacks (Mark Strauss, John Quincy)
Straight from Vinyl, A WIEL Original
& From the WIEL Record Vault (Mark Isham)
14Track Crossing (Michael O'Malley)

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